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Occupational Therapy Association of Oregon!

OTAO came into being June 25, 1947 when we were admitted into AOTA.  Dedicated volunteers led the drive for licensure.  In 1977, Governor Bob Straub signed our State Licensure Practice Act (creating the Oregon OT Licensing Board).  From then until now, occupational therapy has grown from a few therapists around the state to over 2,400 licensed OT and OTA practitioners in many different specialty fields.

The mission of OTAO is to support our members and strengthen the occupational therapy profession through advocacy, education, and networking.  Two prime examples include:

  • Monitoring our legislature with our lobbyist (completely paid for with membership dues from our organization).  We currently are sponsoring HB 3263: Instructs Department of Education to Adopt Standards for School-Based Caseloads of OTs and HB 2751:  Inclusion of OTs in State Student-Loan Repayment Program (SLRP)
  • Our State Annual Conference – October 6-7 at the Holiday Inn at the Portland Airport.  Watch for details! 

Why join OTAO?  

  • The Oregon Occupational Therapy Licensing Board is responsible for protecting the health, safety and welfare of individuals who receive occupational therapy services in Oregon.  Their responsibility is to our clients.
  • Our employers do care for us, their employees.  But, with possible changes in healthcare, their prime responsibility is going to be to their organization.
  • That leaves the Occupational Therapy Association of Oregon.  We are here for you, Oregon’s occupational therapy practitioners.  We are your voice!  We are here to protect you!  Robin Clearman, Texas OT Association president says it so clearly, “If you don’t come to the table, you will be on the menu.”  Join your professional organization!

What is OTAO?

The Occupational Therapy Association of Oregon - a 501 (c)(6) tax-exempt organization - is a community of Occupational Therapy practitioners formed around our passion to help others find a quality and a balance to life, no matter what the area of specialty we have chosen.  

We unite around common goals, common needs to gain further education and knowledge. We believe in and advocate for the practice of occupational therapy throughout Oregon.

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Member Benefits

OTAO has created a strong community where practitioners can come together, grow and support the practice of occupational therapy through advocacy, education and networking.

Membership includes access to advocacy, quality continuing education, professional resources, special discounts, networking with colleges and so much more! 

Join the OTAO community today to start enjoying your benefits.

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