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Below you will find third-party sites and resources. If you have a favorite resource that's not included in the list, please let us know.

Career Center     

  • Career Center
    Welcome to the OTAO Career Center! Your destination for exciting Occupational Therapy job opportunities and the best resource for qualified candidates within the Occupational Therapy Industry.


Licensing Board

  • Continuing Education (CE)
    ORS 339-020-000 CE The Rules define Continuing Education (CE) as "participation in courses, classes, workshops, and other means for the purpose of developing and updating professional skills to provide appropriate occupational therapy services."
  • Oregon Occupational Therapy Licensing Board
    Oregon State Licensing Board website with information on licensing requirements and regulation of occupational therapy practice.

OT Practitioner Programs

OT Related Sites

OT Resources

  • 2015 Oregon Hospital & Healthcare Guide
    Medical Publishing, LLC is proud to present the 2015 Oregon Hospital & Healthcare Guide.
  • Common Knowledge
    Home of collected scholarship and creative works of Pacific University faculty, staff, and students.
  • OT CATs (Critically Appraised Topics)
    A critically appraised topic (or CAT) is a short summary of evidence on a topic of interest, usually focused around a clinical question.This site contains CATs and CAPs focusing on occupational therapy interventions.
  • Over 300 Free Ergonomics Resources!
    In 2012, Liberty Mutual’s Workplace Safety Index found that overexertion (excessive lifting, pushing, pulling, holding, carrying, throwing) was the number one cause of disabling injuries in America. Also, repetitive motion (repeated stress or strain) was determined to be the seventh leading cause of disabling injuries. Together, overexertion and repetitive motion accounted for over 30% of the total cost of all disabling injuries in the United States! With one third of all disabling injury costs being associated with these two types of claims, employers should place a high priority on preventing them. Ergonomics is a proven method of reducing both overexertion and repetitive motion injuries. Below are links to over 300 ergonomics resources.
  • Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services
    Great resource for Children's Mental Health. SAMHSA has some wonderful resources for advocating and educating your community on this critical topic.