OTAO Board of Directors & Leadership Group*

President - Jan Cuciti, [email protected]
President-Elect, [email protected]
Treasurer - Elisabeth McClure, [email protected]
Secretary - Liz Miller, [email protected]
Continuing Ed Chair - Jennifer Pidlowicz, [email protected]
Historian - Aaron Proctor, [email protected]
Legislative Co-Chairs - Katie Shuler, [email protected]
Marketing Co-Chairs -
Membership Chairs - Daniel Canchola & Jeff Lango, [email protected] & [email protected]

Pacific Faculty Rep - Steve Park, [email protected]
Linn-Benton Faculty Rep - Beth Moyer, [email protected]
Pacific Student Reps -Katie Smith & Luke Mitchell, [email protected] & [email protected]
Linn-Benton Student Rep - Hannah Elliot, [email protected]

Regional Directors

NW Oregon 1 -
NW Oregon 2 -
Mid Willamette Valley -
South Willamette Valley
Southern Oregon - Ellen Downes, [email protected]
Central Oregon - Mindy Laidlaw, [email protected]
Easter Oregon - Angela Mart, [email protected]


Special Interest Section Liaisons

Driving - Jeff Lango, [email protected]
Gerontology - Paul Zulak, [email protected]
Hand Therapy - Karen Hass
Home Health & Hospice - Ellen Downes, [email protected]
Mental Health - Halley Read, [email protected]
Pediatrics - Open Position
Physical Disabilities - open position
Work Programs - open position

Additional Contacts

AOTA Rep - Erica Bartleson, [email protected]
Lobbyists - William Cross and Nicholina Terizief
Association Manager - Kori Hasti, [email protected]
OT Licensing Board Executive Director - Nancy Schuberg, [email protected]

*some names may seem pre-mature (our nominating committee is "hard at work").  Opportunities for write-in's will be forthcoming.